Here are some pictures from my rear wing and skirts. I took a mold from original rear bumper for the rear skirt. Then I made the center parts for it. The car has a removable towing hook, and I wanted to have it usable. The center part was removable, which covers the hook.

Alahelman muotin tekoa.jpg (270747 bytes)Alahelman muotin tulos.jpg (300428 bytes)Alahelman alareuna lasikuidussa.jpg (307178 bytes)

Alahelman sivu ja alaosa yhdistetty.jpg (271108 bytes)Alahelman reunat paklattu.jpg (296374 bytes)Alahelman sivu ja alaosa yhdistetty2.jpg (273324 bytes)

The rear wing shape was very difficult to get symmetrical, and it took hours to twist the skeleton to the shape I wanted. When that was done, I started to laminate the fiberglass.  Finishing of the surface was quite demanding, because the fiberclass  was very rugged.

Takaspoileri sivulta luuranko.jpg (298618 bytes)takaspoileri lasikuitu eka kerros.jpg (275983 bytes)Takaspoileri takaa ylhäältä luuranko.jpg (278233 bytes)

takaspoileri lasikuitu kerrokset valmiina.jpg (277193 bytes)takaspoileri lasikuitu kerrokset valmiina2.jpg (267854 bytes)takaspoileri pakkeli levitetty.jpg (295714 bytes)

takaspoileri pohjamaalissa2.jpg (287344 bytes)takaspoileri pohjamaalissa.jpg (285982 bytes)Valmiit osat takaa.jpg (252916 bytes)

valmis takaspoileri ja helma2.jpg (290731 bytes)Takaspoileri ja helma ilman pakoputkea2.jpg (273790 bytes)Takaspoileri ja helma ilman pakoputkea.jpg (277538 bytes)

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