My second widebody S4 project

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I bought the car from Germany only seen from the photos. It had been in an accident, and the front was damaged. Also the motor was badly broken.

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Luckily the body was in very good condition, and had only minor damages. The front side member was bent a little, and also the front wing support, but nothing else.

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I removed the bent parts, and fitted new parts.

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Firts I tack welded the parts in place, and checked that those are in the right position.

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Parts are now welded.

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Now the car is reassembled with a spare motor and spare parts (to be changed afterwards). I will make new parts for the car, but those will be installed after I have been in the customs (I have to pay taxes of the car to get it registered).

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The original motor needs a "little bit" repair work,  because someone has driven with it wihout oil! I started it, but it made terrible sound so I had to open it. From the inside I found an anpleasant suprise. Connection rod was broken because the motor run without oil pressure. Also the crankshaft was damaged and there was a hole in the block.

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I ordered new stronger connection rods, and new RS4 crankshaft. Then I welded the block. Luckily that hole is not in a critical space, so there shouldn't be a problem in strengthness.

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Pistons were cleaned in ultrasound "bath". It is very easy and powerful method.

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I painted the block with Temacoat RM40. Then I measured the cylinders roundness and size, and pistons diameters. All were in good shape, and I just honed the cylinders and re-used old pistons.

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Crankshaft, connection rods and pistons are now installed with new bearings. I measured the clearances with plastigage, and all were in almost new measures. I used Red Line assebly lube in the bearings to protect bearings in the firts start.

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Oil pan installed with RS4 oil pump.

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I forgot to take photos from the rest of the builds, but here are some of the final stuff. I made a small flywheel locking tool, so I don't have to use the crankshaft locking pin. Less stress for the block and crankshaft.

flywheel_locking_tool1.jpg (428800 bytes)flywheel_locking_tool2.jpg (298729 bytes)flywheel_locking_tool3.jpg (366106 bytes)

I ported the exhaus manifolds, normally those have thick weld seams inside the primary pipes. I grinded all away, and TIG welded the pipes. Hopefully those won't get loose, but time will tell. These are prefacelift manifolds, so I had to weld the collector pipe to the turbo flange because without it it will crack and break the turbos. I have done this before, and if welded like this, these will not break. I also mathed the port sizes to match each other so there are no ramps.

exhaust manifold porting.jpg (303175 bytes)exhaust manifold porting2.jpg (293729 bytes)exhaust manifold porting3.jpg (385958 bytes)

RS6 turbos need some modification to fit to the 2.7 motor. The other wastegate actuator is pointing to totally wrong direction, and the lever needs moved about 90 degrees. On the right side turbo there is need to be made a support for the actuator. I took the actuators from the old K03 turbos. Also the compressor housings need to be modified, and grinded from some areas that they wont touch to the exhaust manifolds.

modatut_ja_vakiot_RS6_turbot.jpg (801930 bytes)IMG_0273.jpg (782890 bytes)oikea_RS6_turbo_kaula_katkaistuna.jpg (801777 bytes)

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hukkaportin_kellon_vipu.jpg (794482 bytes)hukkaportin_kellon_jalka_ja hukkaportin_vipu_hitsattu.jpg (712661 bytes)vasen_RS6_turbo_hitsattu.jpg (693718 bytes)

Then I made a better breather system, with bigger hoses and collector box.

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More to come when project continues...


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