OEM RS4 bumper install.

This is the "great" "packaging" which in the bumper was sent to me! The bumper was newer used, but It was full of scratches.

RS4_bumper_package.jpg (113510 bytes)

I started to test fit it, so I know how much it must be changed. The RS4 bumper is about 3 cm wider from the sides than S4.

RS4_bumper_fit3.jpg (83262 bytes)RS4_bumper_fit4.jpg (81937 bytes)RS4_bumper_fit2.jpg (100211 bytes)RS4_bumper_fit.jpg (138791 bytes)

Then I made a guide which helps to set the sides to correct position.

RS4_bumper_guide.jpg (152222 bytes)RS4_bumper_3.jpg (120306 bytes)RS4_bumper_4.jpg (92227 bytes)

After glueing the guide to the bumper, I put the fiberglass filler to it.

RS4_bumper_side.jpg (132170 bytes)RS4_bumper_side3.jpg (345490 bytes)RS4_bumper_sanded.jpg (112134 bytes)

The front light washer covers wasn't shipped, so I made those by my self.

washer_cover.jpg (101323 bytes)washer_cover2.jpg (78009 bytes)washer_cover3.jpg (75267 bytes)

The side mounts are different in S4 and RS4, so i removed the old ones and made new mounts.

S4_without_bumper2.jpg (138500 bytes)S4_without_bumper.jpg (152981 bytes)RS4_bumper_installed.jpg (182616 bytes)

Here is the final result, I think that it's better than the original S4 bumber. It fits there quite nicely.

RS4_front_bumper_finished.jpg (174950 bytes)RS4_front_bumper_finished4.jpg (177324 bytes)RS4_front_bumper_finished3.jpg (147951 bytes)RS4_front_bumper_finished5.jpg (157952 bytes)

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