New plasma cutted turbo manifold flanges. I designed a CAD drawing of the flanges and the cutting machine made the job. Nice and easy. 

Exhaust_manifold_flanges.jpg (134837 bytes)Exhaust_manifold_flanges2.jpg (115606 bytes)manifold_parts.jpg (130155 bytes)

Here are the manifold pipes assembled, but not yet welded. 

parts_on_the_hold_.jpg (183912 bytes)manifold_parts_assembled_.jpg (133537 bytes)exhaust_manifold_in_place_test.jpg (55280 bytes)

It seems to fit quite good in the place, nothing major work to be done! :) Only the nuts are going to be little bit difficult to tighten.

making_the_left_side.jpg (132463 bytes)manifold_parts_welded.jpg (156137 bytes)manifold_parts3.jpg (153272 bytes)

Almost all welded together, except the final end. Here is the picture of typical broken manifold, it is going to break in pieces inside. It makes a rattling sound if broken. Download the typical rattling sound (MP3)

manifold_parts_welded2.jpg (110591 bytes)working.jpg (123285 bytes)Broken_manifold.jpg (135038 bytes)

 These are ready the final fitting test, if ok, then I can weld all parts together! :)

almost_ready2.jpg (138455 bytes)almoust_ready.jpg (159823 bytes)almost_ready3.jpg (153020 bytes)

Now the parts are welded, and sand blasted. The surface changes quite much and now those look very nice.

sand_blasting2.jpg (78594 bytes)sand_blasting.jpg (389629 bytes)sand_blasted2.jpg (105817 bytes)

sand_blasted3.jpg (117816 bytes)sand_blasted.jpg (117319 bytes) 

Now the manifolds are going to oven for heat treatment to remove tensions. Then I'm going to apply the Black Satin coating which reduces heat and protects for corrosion. To the inside I put MCS ceramic coating.

Manifold_coating.jpg (123137 bytes)finished_manifolds.jpg (145828 bytes)finished_manifolds2.jpg (138237 bytes)

Now the manifolds are ready! :)

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