I first started the project by buying a new front bumper.

Then it was going to have a new front spoiler, and the shapes I made using a polyurethan foam. There was lots of work...

Uretaanimuotti.jpg (120138 bytes)Uretaanimuotti2.jpg (128141 bytes)Muoto hahmottuu.jpg (113561 bytes)Uretaanimuotti_teipattuna.jpg (133925 bytes)

After the lines were ok, I covered the polyurethane with packaking tape so that the resin wont attach to it. Then I laminated the mold where the real spoiler would be made. There was a lot of work again...

Lasikuitumuotti_takaa.jpg (192615 bytes)Topcoat.jpg (136326 bytes)Lasikuitu_levitetty.jpg (320977 bytes)Muotti_ja_spoileri.jpg (210346 bytes)

Finally, when the mold was ready, I waxed it and put some topcoat on it. When it was dry, I started to laminate the fiberglass. The spoiler was very tight in the mold, and I wasn't sure that the shape was correct so, that it would let the spoiler come out. Well, all was ok, it just was very tight. And I was very happy to see the surface of the spoiler, it was almost perfect! :)

Spoileri_kiinnitetty.jpg (46670 bytes)Puskuri_pohjamaalissa.jpg (34364 bytes)Uusi_puskuri_keulasta.jpg (160096 bytes)Uusi_puskuri_valmiina1.jpg (168749 bytes)

Then I attached it to the bumper and painted it. The final outcome was what I have been expected and I was very happy with the result! :)

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