Cruise control installation guide

First, remove the battery ground cable! Wait at least 15 minutes before removing the airbag. There are two screws behind the wheel, torx T30. Remove the airbags connector by prying it out. If you have heated steering wheel, remove that connector also. The wheel is fastened with the XZN 12 bolt. Notice the steering wheel position, and remember it when installing back.

remove_airbag.jpg (159095 bytes)cruise_1.jpg (157979 bytes)cruise_2.jpg (160815 bytes)

Then remove the steering colum lower panel and compartment. Remove the switch assembly.

cruise_3.jpg (162516 bytes)cruise_4.jpg (169882 bytes)cruise_5.jpg (165607 bytes)

Open the ECU housing, and locate the white T15 connector. There are two possibilities to connect the wires, to the original connector, or using extra connector. If you want to use the original, unclip it from the connectors housing bracket and pull it as fas as possible to the foot well.

white_connector.jpg (165484 bytes) In this picture the extra connector is added, but I installed it to the original connector.

cruise_6.jpg (175036 bytes) The X75 connector is the second bolt from the left (where the red cables are)

Remove the white connector lock plugs (two pieces) and install the wires to the connector.

T15 connector and pinouts:

connector.jpg (52064 bytes)connector2.jpg (31281 bytes)cruise_7.jpg (47872 bytes) Lock plugs removed.

cruise_8.jpg (45143 bytes)cruise_9.jpg (165731 bytes) Wires installed to T15 connector.

cruise_schema.gif (112056 bytes)  

Wires goes to: T6y/1 -> T15/7, T6y/2 -> T15/8 , T6y/3 -> T15/9,  T6y/4 -> T6y/6,  T6y/5 -> power +,  T6y/6 -> T15/10 (T6 connector is on the cruise)

The cruise must be activated with the VAG-COM. You can check the functioning from measuring block 66. Cruise OBD guide

[01 - Engine]
[Login - 11]
Enter 11463 to activate cruise control
[Do It!]

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