A/C compressor repair.

Here the compressor is dismantled, for just in case. And I was curious that what is inside :) I changed the axel seal, it must be changed if the compressor is not been used for a long time. Also I put new oils (250 ml) to the compressor. The A/C didn't produce any cool air at all, and the gas pressures were not right. The lower side pressure was 6 bars, and the high side was 7.5 bar. Diagnose was that the compressor was faulty. I found a used compressor from eBay. Now the A/C is working perfectly! Pressures are 2 bar at the low side, and 12-15 bar at the high side. The systems makes "hissing" sound when turned off, that is normal.

compressor_parts.jpg (828227 bytes)

The compressor rear end, center housing and the pistons.

compressor_end.jpg (441443 bytes)compressor_pistons.jpg (459958 bytes)compressor_housing.jpg (386891 bytes)compressor_pistons2.jpg (451313 bytes)

Here is the rear end put back together, part by part.

compressor2.jpg (709055 bytes)compressor3.jpg (743918 bytes)compressor4.jpg (802053 bytes)

compressor5.jpg (772680 bytes)compressor6.jpg (767753 bytes)compressor7.jpg (747186 bytes)

Front end still missing, other parts are installed.

compressor8.jpg (830542 bytes)

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