Boost gauge installation. I used a AutoGauge "Smoke Series" boost gauge.

boost_gauge_hose.jpg (168500 bytes)boost_gauge_hose2.jpg (171776 bytes)

The pressure hose is quite easy to route to the cabin through a ECU box.

Mold_and_the_part.jpg (154342 bytes)meter_holder.jpg (176183 bytes)

I used a fiberglass to make a mold and the final part.

boost_gauge_installed.jpg (120509 bytes)boost_gauge_installed2.jpg (112472 bytes)

The meter is installed in the left ventilation hole and fits there nicely.

After a demand for "copies" of these meter holders, i made a new better mold from this original. It seems now that I can produce little faster these "babies" ;)

Meter_mold.jpg (107786 bytes)Meter_mold2.jpg (122594 bytes)Meter_mold3.jpg (204185 bytes)

The mold had to be made dismantleable so the part detaches better from the mold. Now the cast is easy to remove. There are small errors in the mold, so I still have to make some finishing to the casts before painting. Notice the clean fingers ;-)

meter_holder1.jpg (128771 bytes)new_part.jpg (90765 bytes)



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