Audi S4 -> RS4 widebody conversion.

I was in an accident with the car, and almost immediately after that I started to think that what if... And then it started.

accident.jpg (191212 bytes)

First, I started to make a mold from the RS4 fenders and sideskirts. Luckily I had a friend whose car I could use. First, I waxed the fenders three times very carefully with the Mequiar's carnauba mold release wax. Then I applied the black gelcoat and let it dry. After the the gelcoat was dry, I started to laminate the fiberglass and resin to the fender. There are three layers of fiberglass. When that was dried, I just pulled the mold away. Luckily it came off quite easily, and I didn't had to paint the original part

RS4_fender_gelcoat2.jpg (686184 bytes)RS4_fender_fiberglass.jpg (694859 bytes)RS4_fender_fiberglass2.jpg (752429 bytes)RS4_fender_mould3.jpg (437019 bytes)

RS4_fender_mould.jpg (378862 bytes)RS4_fender_mould2.jpg (396245 bytes)front_edge.jpg (431927 bytes)RS4_Fender_mold4.jpg (458495 bytes)RS4_sideskirt_mould.jpg (397231 bytes)

Because the fenders were in the car, I had to make the edges afterwards. It was much harder work, because I had to make every single egde one by one in original S4 fender. I made the sideskirts also, that was much easier work to do.

The mold surface was like the original paint, very good. Then I had to do it all over again, but now in the mold. The finished part was sitting very tight in the mold, but eventually it came off without breaking. Luckily it fits with the door quite nicely

RS4_mold_in_place_test.jpg (172171 bytes)Mold_with_fiberglass2.jpg (554397 bytes)Mold_with_fiberglass3.jpg (424478 bytes)

RS4_fender_bumper_sideskirt2.jpg (464305 bytes)RS4_fender_sideskirt.jpg (510747 bytes)RS4_fender_bumper_sideskirt.jpg (402434 bytes)RS4_fender_bumper_sideskirt2.jpg (464305 bytes)

I also had to change the rear subframe because it was little twisted. I removed the old subframes from both cars, and painted the good one. It weights about 90 kg,and it was "fun" to jiggle it away from under the car. The new subframe was sand blasted, and then painted with the acid paint. After that I applied the anti-corrosion black paint. Installation was reverse of removal

takakelkka_irroitettuna.jpg (140216 bytes)hiottu_takakelkka.jpg (211861 bytes)takakelkka_happovarissa2.jpg (191396 bytes)takakelkka_maalattuna.jpg (181631 bytes)

Then there was the hardest part, rear wings. Because it is part of the body, they have  to be strong. So I made these from thin sheet metal and welded together. First I had to change the rear part because it had a little damage. The outside of the wing is much easier job to do than the inside. First I installed the RS4 doors, and used those as a guide to make the wing outer line in correct place.

RS4_rear_door.jpg (41636 bytes)RS4_rear_door2.jpg (425916 bytes)RS4_rear_door3.jpg (378223 bytes)RS4_rear_door4.jpg (430263 bytes)

pera_rutussa.jpg (177054 bytes)takakulman_vaihto_2.jpg (138673 bytes)takakulman_vaihto_.jpg (156135 bytes)Levitysta.jpg (449353 bytes)

All the seams are welded and then tinned. I'm going to use filler as less as possible.

Levitysta2.jpg (509863 bytes)Levitysta3.jpg (543043 bytes)Tinattu_ovenreunan_levitys.jpg (463213 bytes)Tinattu_ovenreunan_levitys3.jpg (445147 bytes)

There had to be made a cuts so I could bend the metal.

kaaren_hitsaus_aluillaan.jpg (398968 bytes)kaari_hitsattuna.jpg (404525 bytes)kaari_hiottuna.jpg (381871 bytes)kaaren_tinausta.jpg (462431 bytes)

The other side is a bit more difficult to make because there is the tank flap.

kaari_leikattuna.jpg (192962 bytes)kaari_leikattuna2.jpg (183865 bytes)kaari_leikattuna3.jpg (176335 bytes)kaari_paikoillaan.jpg (169707 bytes)

I cutted the rear wing away, and took new part from my spare part S4. That helped the work a bit, because I hadn't to use any additional metal in the gaps.

kaaren_etuosa_hitsattuna.jpg (164996 bytes)kaaren_etuosa_hitsattuna2.jpg (151917 bytes)removing_the_paint.jpg (152761 bytes)tankinluukun_reunan_sovitusta.jpg (177617 bytes)

The rear wing is now welded, and waiting for the tin. The hardest work is now done! The arc is in correct place and that is a small miracle because I only had my eyes to measure with.

tankinluukun_reunan_sovitusta2.jpg (191058 bytes)tankinluukun_reuna_hitsattu.jpg (175444 bytes)kaari_heftissä.jpg (178016 bytes)Look, no eye protection ;)

I tested new technic how to apply the tin. It is quite easy to apply it so that there is same thickness in everywhere. Well, in next project I can use it from the beginning.

kaari_hitsattuna3.jpg (176121 bytes)kaari_ja_rengas.jpg (167860 bytes)tinned_right_rear.jpg (162810 bytes)tinaa_kaaressa.jpg (162379 bytes)

The side wings are now sanded and painted with filler primer and only one smallish error found near the tank flap. So far it looks very good!  

pakkelia_kyljessa.jpg (135107 bytes)tankinluukku_paklattu_umpeen.jpg (124713 bytes)right_rear_sanded.jpg (121256 bytes)right_rear_acid.jpg (127064 bytes)

right_rear_filler.jpg (122249 bytes)left_rear_sanded.jpg (153860 bytes)left_rear_acid.jpg (153998 bytes)vasen_takalokari.jpg (136810 bytes)

Then I got new suspension set from FK,and put some grease on the threads Notice the grease color! I also have changed all the Powerflex bushes to the rear axel.

FK_rear_shock_absorber.jpg (171627 bytes)FK_suspension_set.jpg (168054 bytes)rear_shock_absorber_installed.jpg (182533 bytes)

The roof had a "little" dent, and it had to be replaced. I had a lot of stress because of that, but the replace was much easier work than modifying the rear wings. It took onlyt one hour to remove the old roof, but removing the spare roof took more time because it is laser welded.  It is a great miracle that only the center part of the roof had damage, and the new part fitted there without any extra work! Now I have sun roof also .

Kolariässä1.jpg (209032 bytes)roof_removed.jpg (338491 bytes)ässä_purettuna.jpg (187914 bytes)roof_installing.jpg (77387 bytes)

The roof strip place must be 12 mm wide, and i made small wooden parts for making sure that the gap is correct widht.

welding_the_roof.jpg (148685 bytes)new_roof_installed.jpg (121219 bytes)roof_installed2.jpg (174268 bytes)roof_installed3.jpg (180696 bytes)

Now the new roof is installed, and the seams primed and sealing channels sealed.

Also the door handles have to be changed, because the RS4 has newer model handles. The modification seems to be easier and easier the more I do it! I use tin also here, so it wont crack and doesn't get in rust.

B6_ovikahvan pelti.jpg (430539 bytes)cutted_door_handle.jpg (138265 bytes)doorhandle_welded.jpg (155175 bytes)doorhandle_welded2.jpg (128436 bytes)

right_doorhandle.jpg (141899 bytes)right_doorhandle2.jpg (141102 bytes)right_doorhandle3.jpg (131030 bytes)right_doorhandle4.jpg (153431 bytes)

right_doorhandle5.jpg (150147 bytes)right_doorhandle6.jpg (123276 bytes)hapotettu_ovi.jpg (147029 bytes)listan_reiat_tukittu.jpg (169807 bytes)

I removed the side lists and welded the holes, and also removed the lover dowels. The doors are now sprayed with spray filler, and I have to sand them one last time. Also the hood is now fixed. I removed the windscreen washers from the hood.

ovet_fillerissa.jpg (141113 bytes)ovet_fillerissa2.jpg (70134 bytes)konepelti_fillerissa.jpg (150622 bytes)right_fender_filler.jpg (155296 bytes)

right_fender_filler2.jpg (137629 bytes)left_fender_filler.jpg (140550 bytes)

The body is almost sanded trough, front and rear bumber needs to be done.

right_side_primer.jpg (150672 bytes)left_side_primer.jpg (132897 bytes)front_primer.jpg (129118 bytes)

I got rear wing from Poland (, but it was quite different than in the picture. So I had to modify that also. It was very thick from the rear. I took about one centimeter off from the middle and glued it back together. Then I changed the angle how it is sitting on the rear door (little upper), and I also modified the ends.

original_rear_wing.jpg (151531 bytes)rear_wing_opened.jpg (155946 bytes)slim_rear_wing.jpg (177832 bytes)rear_wing1.jpg (192294 bytes)

rear_wing2.jpg (132178 bytes)rear_wing3.jpg (120580 bytes)rear_wing_finished.jpg (90556 bytes)rear_wing_finished2.jpg (150808 bytes)

rear_wing_finished4.jpg (97579 bytes)rear_wing_finished5.jpg (161500 bytes)

Then the last (almost) but not least, the rear bumper. It needed also widening, and I didn't want to buy original RS4 bumper because I don't like some things of it. The bumper was little broken, so again  I had to take mold. I also used RS4 rear wing mold for the bumper arcs. With those I could have more aggressive look, so that the wide arc goes all the way to the down, and doesn't "shrink" like in the original. This was quite a "puzzle", because it is made from many pieces. There are some phases missing because my hands were so dirty that I couldn't use the camera :) I used carbon fiber filler, it should hold parts together very good, and it is flexible.

broken_bumper.jpg (135174 bytes)broken_bumper2.jpg (210692 bytes)rear_bumber_mold.jpg (196280 bytes)rear_bumper_parts.jpg (213208 bytes)

installing_rear_bumper_parts.jpg (128243 bytes)installing_rear_bumper_parts2.jpg (157593 bytes)rear_bumber_right.jpg (117814 bytes)rear_bumber_filler.jpg (169758 bytes)

rear_bumper.jpg (151551 bytes)rear_bumper2.jpg (156405 bytes)rear_bumper4.jpg (137878 bytes)rear_bumper5.jpg (162923 bytes)

The bumper is still missing one part...

Now it was the carbon fiber's turn, I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on it! Firstly, I wanted to cover the FK mirrors with real carbon, I didn't want to buy the fake ones because the looks is not so good. ( the mirror support parts were also modified because othervise they are angled too up). The surface is starting to look quite good, even though it's not painted with clear coat yet. Also the side panels "screamed" for carbon, and then they should also have it!

carbon_fiber_mirror_cover.jpg (117908 bytes)carbon_fiber_mirror_cover2.jpg (98821 bytes)carbon_mirror.jpg (143914 bytes)carbon_side_panels.jpg (230373 bytes)carbon_parts.jpg (159992 bytes)

I had two rear bumpers, one broken and one ok one. I took a mold (I have now "couple" of molds in the garage ;) ) from the black bumper's rear skirt. Then the carbon fiber was laminated to the mold. Unluckily I didn't have enough big sized carbon, so I had to use smaller pieces. You can see the joints, but I try to fix those so that they don't show up so clearly. Other than that, the part looks very nice, and gives some detail look to the car.

rear_bumber_mold2.jpg (159631 bytes)rear_bumber_mold5.jpg (176168 bytes)carbon_rear_skirt.jpg (196106 bytes)carbon_rear_skirt3.jpg (165129 bytes)

carbon_rear_skirt4.jpg (157036 bytes) carbon_side_panels3.jpg (190560 bytes)carbon_side_panels4.jpg (343717 bytes)

I laminated the rear skirt again  because of the bad joints. Now it looks better, but it's not perfect. Those joints are very difficult to make invisibe. The part is now clear coated, and looks quite ok.

 carbon_rear_skirt5.jpg (157676 bytes)carbon_rear_skirt6.jpg (165611 bytes)carbon_rear_skirt7.jpg (173081 bytes)

Because I had some carbon left, I laminated also the center of the rear wing. I did couple of mistakes when laminating, and the stripes are not straight. I have to do this again... (these are actually much more difficultier to make than fiber glass).

carbon_rear_wing.jpg (134478 bytes)carbon_rear_wing4.jpg (99453 bytes)

I removed the carbon cover and did it all again. Now it looks how it should have been in the first place.

carbon_removed_wing.jpg (253793 bytes)carbon_install_wing.jpg (183052 bytes)new_carbon_wing.jpg (184720 bytes)

Here is a video of the car, body is almost finished for the painting.

The car is goint to the paint shop.

 Audi_menossa_trailerille.jpg (163172 bytes)Audi menossa trailerille3.jpg (196577 bytes)Audi trailerilla3.jpg (176394 bytes)

The car is now painted!!  And because many people wants to know the color, it is "Okkim RS blue" Notice the difference between the old and the new color. I thought that the old color was good, but now it doesn't look good any more.

ässä_maalattuna.jpg (216172 bytes)ässä_trailerilla_maalattuna.jpg (185369 bytes)old_and_new_color.jpg (156932 bytes)Henri ja Steven auton vieressä.jpg (123174 bytes)

painted_front_fender.jpg (134957 bytes)


Now I have started to put the interior back inside. It is a much bigger work than I thought, there are "millions" of parts, and it takes time to clean them and figure out that where they belong to. Also because I have that spare car, the extra parts also give me a little headache because I don't know if it belongs to the car or not.

Firstly I installed the doors, and added sound absorption matt to all of them. It should kill the resonanses, and make the car little more silent. It also helps a lot with the car HI-FI. Then I removed the old sound absorption material from the rear wheel arches, and installed thicker and better material back.

bitumi_ oikea_etuovi.jpg (148990 bytes)bitumit_ovissa.jpg (139133 bytes)vasen_sisätakalokari.jpg (156494 bytes)Oikea_sisätakalokari.jpg (161098 bytes)

bitumit_asennettu_oikea_takalokari.jpg (187242 bytes)bitumit_asennettu_vasen_takalokari.jpg (193578 bytes)power_cable.jpg (221419 bytes)power_cable2.jpg (209323 bytes)

insulated_floor.jpg (190974 bytes)floor matts.jpg (118982 bytes)seats_installed.jpg (144663 bytes)

Spare engine is coming out. I put the original back after it is rebuilded.

engine_replace.jpg (183663 bytes)engine_replace2.jpg (198821 bytes)

Now the car is 99% ready, so here are some "quick shots". Notice that the wheels are just for that I can ride the car, I'm going to change them to better ones. I will put better quality images when I have time...

Audi_ready2.jpg (77645 bytes)Audi_ready3.jpg (70104 bytes)Audi_ready.jpg (78435 bytes)front_wing.jpg (259999 bytes)

rear_wing.jpg (168385 bytes)Audi_rear.JPG (68631 bytes)Audi_ready4.jpg (41235 bytes)hiilaripeili.jpg (356103 bytes)

Now I got winter wheels installed, this is the first time ever I am faster than the winter! Those are RS6 replicas.

front_ready_winter.jpg (122870 bytes)side_winter.jpg (330075 bytes)winter_wheels_ready3.jpg (143568 bytes)side2_winter.jpg (328603 bytes)winter_wheels_ready4.jpg (61856 bytes)

winter_wheels_ready1.jpg (239936 bytes)winter_wheels_ready.jpg (170408 bytes)winter_wheels_ready2.jpg (783943 bytes)mirror.jpg (599522 bytes)


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